While digital media attracts an always-on audience, Web Designer Satish Kumar takes us on a short trip behind the scenes of how to create striking ads for digital, tablet or mobile devices.

“The size and functionality of ads are extremely important on a mobile device. We have to consider how a particular ad will render on smart phones and tablets and this makes all the difference,” he said. “We get more space to play around with when designing an ad for tablet devices and this means we can put in more visual effects and information. But when we design the same ad for a smart phone it becomes very concise but still has to be clickable. It’s a challenge because we can’t afford to miss valuable information just because we don’t have enough space.

Today, interactive ads are more popular with consumers than static ads, and with the wide array of devices with different operating systems, HTML5 can offer a better user experience than Adobe Flash. HTML5 runs on almost every web browser and doesn’t require a particular application. The file size is much smaller than a Flash file, too. These being some of the facts, we can’t simply ignore the versatility of Flash as well. “Clients still opt for Flash ads because they are design based, can make great use of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and are code free.” said Satish.

Sharon D’Cruz
SVP Marketing.