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Pre Media

Print and Pre-Media 

Improving profitability for print and pre-media companies

All elements of the graphic arts supply chain are under pressure to produce more work for less. Express KCS helps commercial printers and pre-media companies like you produce the same high-quality levels of work, whilst maintaining your margins.

We work for prestigious consumer and business magazine publishers, as well as catalog companies and packaging pre-press companies. We serve global brands across the fashion, retail, pharmaceutical and entertainment markets.

We have the skills and flexibility to produce high quality work at low prices. Services range from simple or complex cut-outs, to high end retouching, catalog layouts and brochure design, enabling you to concentrate on front-end client relationships and maximising profitability.

With the choice of three production facilities in India linked by high speed secure networks, we work as your back-office partner. We operate a number of dedicated studios for printers and will help you meet the tough demands of your clients’ work load by providing vital back up support.

Artwork / layout


With our vast experience in color and brand management we are well placed to help you with your design and reprographic needs. Our teams of art workers are skilled in creating magazine, catalog or brochure layouts across print or digital channels.


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Creative design


Our highly experienced artists, designers and sub editors are ready for whatever challenge you send our way. We will work to your brief and turn your content and images into high quality pages for print or digital channels.  


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Imaging / retouching

Our skilled imaging teams handle complex retouching and enhancement work. We manage hundreds of images per day on a fast turnaround for magazine and newspaper publishers, agencies and corporates.



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We control packaging related adaptation  and guard the brand integrity for global household named brands. Our 24/7 specialist service reduces turn-around times so that products reach the shelves faster and provide real savings.



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