A high-powered panel convened at end of the 2013 PRIMEX conference last month, with industry heavy-weights David Schawk (CEO, Schawk), Marriott Winchester, (Snr VP of SGS), David Olberding of Phototype and Robert Berkeley (CEO) of Express KCS. Their mission was to explain the paradoxical success of their businesses in an era when their traditional business is supposedly an anachronism.

However, it was clear that their clients needed them more than ever. Why? Because quite simply pre-media isn’t pre-press. In fact it’s now the science of helping marketers deliver their messages across any suitable media for their targets. Brand owners don’t want to understand the technicalities of creating HTML5 ads, of video post production, Android Apps or iBooks. They want to make sure their market hears them. As a fragmented consumer base leaps from one social media trend to another, only dedicated pre-media firms have the focus to track the methods by which they are leveraged.

Pre-media companies for so long were the tail on the printer dog – but in one memorable phrase from this year’s conference, they seem to be barking quite loudly now!

Robert Berkeley

Chief Executive Officer