Creative Production Partner for Brands, Agencies and Publishers


Founded in 2004, Express KCS has been supporting brands, agencies and publishers to solve their creative production challenges and save costs. In that time, our own brand has become a byword for reliability, creativity, quality and technology. Operating from ISO9001 certified production centers, we deploy cross functional teams of art-workers, designers, digital technologists and production experts. Our ability to deliver at any scale, in any format has earned us relationships with clients in North America, Australia and Europe. 




Robert Berkeley

Tariq Husain


Robert Berkeley, together with Tariq Husain, started Express KCS in 2004 with a vision to deliver high-value creative production solutions to global brands, agencies and publishers. Together they have led Express KCS from the ground up to be the cross-platform creative production powerhouse it is today.

Robert started his career implementing workflow systems at large publishers and was MD of PrintCafe Europe (now EFI) for eight years. He is founder and chairman of Linkz-IM Inc, a reader-response technology company.

Tariq has been a guiding force in building Express KCS and re-engineering its operations. Educated in India, Germany and the USA, he studied print and media technology at Rochester Institute, NY, before beginning his career in Chicago for Cascade, a leading supplier of publication production technology.

Express KCS initially provided artwork production and creative design solutions to its global clients but both Robert and Tariq knew that the creative industry needs something more. To cater the ever-changing demands of creative industry and boost creative operations of their clients, Express KCS has also developed its proprietary creative ops tech, MediaFerry. The award-winning cloud-based system enables marketers to collaborate better with their stakeholders, gain efficiency and improve speed to market by allowing them to order, create, track, manage, proof, approve and deliver creative campaigns on the go.