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18 04, 2013

Thoughts of a brand connoisseur

April 18th, 2013|News|

Like anything worthwhile in life, brands take time to mature. “Brand creation for a company is like its reputation — it builds over a period of time”, says Vijaybahu Joshi, Design Head at Express KCS.  Joshi has strong views about retaining brand identity in traditional media 

17 04, 2013

Selecting the right digital edition platform for your business

April 17th, 2013|News|

To publish digital magazine or newspaper editions on a tablet or App,  image001-22-67399_164x164publishers have a huge variety of platforms to choose from. Last time we counted there were around 50 companies* offering simple page-turners to full scale

17 04, 2013

Graphic design is linked to marketing objectives and business goals

April 17th, 2013|News|

Graphic design is linked to marketing objectives and business goals

“Graphic design as a profession is inherently linked to the marketing objectives and the business goals of an organization but […]

2 04, 2013

Fingernails at risk as ISO auditors do their work

April 2nd, 2013|News|

Last week we were subjected to our regular scrutiny from the visiting ISO 9001 auditors. We have a 100% track record in reaching accreditation first time every six months, so tension was high to make sure we do it again.

So while the external consultants were doing their final audit checks at our Gurgaon production facility, I wondered about the […]

18 03, 2013

What keeps us from going home at day’s end?

March 18th, 2013|News|

k7i8ud0eLast Friday, when I asked one of our employees why he hadn’t left for the day while all the others had already gone, he replied “my client is stuck in a traffic jam in London but once she reaches her office, she will explain her requirements in detail. So I’m […]

5 03, 2013

Premedia’s the dog to the printer’s tail

March 5th, 2013|News|

A high-powered panel convened at end of the 2013 PRIMEX conference last month, with industry heavy-weights David Schawk (CEO, Schawk), Marriott Winchester, (Snr VP of SGS), David Olberding of Phototype and Robert Berkeley (CEO) of Express KCS. Their mission was to explain the paradoxical success of their businesses in an era when their traditional business is supposedly an anachronism.

However, […]

20 02, 2013

Over 6,000 votes cast in the Valentine’s Day Ad Contest

February 20th, 2013|News|

The very first EKCS Valentines Day Ad Contest was a great success. Over 6,000 votes cast in the Valentine’s Day Ad Contest

From the initial submission of over 120 ads by our artists in Gurgaon, Pune and Aligarh, the entries were whittled down to an eventual […]

12 02, 2013

Express KCS designers at the heart of the best Valentine ads

February 12th, 2013|News|

Love is in the air and to get into the spirit we decided to launch a fun design competition this Valentines Day. Place your vote for the best designed advert and make one of our artworkers a very proud winner!

To mark this most romantic of occasions we introduced a design challenge giving all our artworkers the opportunity to get […]

7 02, 2013

Make print ads interactive – with Linkz and EKCS

February 7th, 2013|News|

Without virtually no public education, the uptake of QR codes has proved that consumers want to click on print ads in the same […]

7 02, 2013

If it moves – click it!

February 7th, 2013|News|

While digital media attracts an always-on audience, Web Designer Satish Kumar takes us on a short trip behind the scenes of how to create striking ads for digital, tablet or mobile devices.

“The size and functionality of ads are extremely important on a mobile device. We have to consider how a particular […]