Accelerate your digital ad production using automation


The growth of digital advertising and marketing paved way for creation of digital assets faster than ever. According to a report from eMarketer, total media ad spending worldwide is going to rise by 26% between 2018 and 2022, from $629 billion in 2018 to $793 billion in 2022. With the increased ad spend, advertisers are continuously looking for ways to drive maximum ROI from their spend, whether by automating redundant processes or innovating existing processes.

Matching up with the advertising and design trends is a big challenge for each advertiser. And it gets more and more demanding when your organization demands you to deliver more by spending less. Creation of digital assets is one such task where advertisers and their creative teams struggle to drive efficiencies. Spending an enormous amount of time and resources in creating multi-shape banners, or even making minor changes in existing banners of different sizes not only eats up your creative team's valuable time but also your budget. The question is how can creative teams scale up and optimize the campaign production process for effective performance and productivity to meet their business objectives.

What’s wrong in creating digital ads manually?

For better consumer engagement, speed is as significant as the design aesthetics when it comes to digital ad production. While designing digital ads in different sizes allows you to be creative in design, it sometimes takes a lot of time and effort. And when it comes to production in scale, the time and effort increases exponentially. A lot of marketers and advertisers face problems in manual creation of multiple shaped digital ads, including,

  • Usage of too much time and resources to scale up a campaign as even the smallest revision consumes time if required to be done on all the sizes, manually.

  • High probability of inaccuracies too if done manually - might need a couple extra eyes to make sure all sizes are consistent on creativity and on brand.

  • Losing out on competition because of extended production time. As the digital advertising industry keeps evolving at a breakneck speed.

To combat the above-mentioned problems and to add speed and ease to the multiple ad campaigns creation process - Automation is the key!

Automating digital ad production so you are able to create more in less time

Automating parts of creative work can enable teams to dedicate more time to more complex and time heavy tasks, dramatically improving process management and staff resourcing as a result. In recent months we’ve seen AI used widely as a means to suggest new ideas and develop simple work such as basic ad templates that would typically be seen as menial content curation by expert design teams.

Introducing an element of automation into the production of the most basic ads such as those that are continually updated or require little editing, can help brands and agencies to avoid deskilling teams, and maintain their focus on delivering more complex work.

SmartDesign automation

We, Express KCS have been helping global brands and publishers to optimize their creative operations using our cutting-edge workflow system MediaFerry. The system allows users to create multi-shape digital banners quickly, through it’s template based production mechanism. We call it SmartDesign.

With SmartDesign, users get an option to select branded templates from an inbuilt template library. The templates can be customized using specific brand elements, colors and logos. Additionally, for agencies and creative teams catering to multiple clients, the templates can be categorized according to their clients or industry sectors making it is easy for users to choose from.

Each template comprises of all the standard digital banner sizes accepted by major advertising platforms. Once the template is selected, the users just need to change copy and images and save it. The system then automatically create digital banners of multiple sizes based on the input provided. All this happens in real-time! Some of the benefits of using SmartDesign automation are:

  1. An extensive template library catering to creative industry-specific standards
    SmartDesign is integrated with static and animated templates that makes multiple ad creation a speedy and uncomplicated affair. We keep on expanding our template library with new unique layouts catering to a multitude of business and industry categories..The system can even suggest templates based on business category, service type and past performance of that template in other campaigns to boost performance in your respective niche.

  2. Customization of multiple banners in real-time
    Making changes is easier than ever - you change one and that gets updated in all sizes. You can make changes in the ad text, the CTA, images or the logo on all banners at the same time. Now changes on one or multiple digital ads are just a click away! Less resources, more work!

  3. Streamlined workflow  
    All you've got to do is Order, Design, Approve and Publish - no external or additional support is called for. Streamlined process, no complexity!

  4. More Ease
    As, SmartDesign works on a browser, so even people who have little or no design experience can design ads e.g. sales people can design ads using templates while they’re meeting their clients. Or even your clients can design their own ads.

Also, SmartDesign is flexible and customizable to adjust with your ever-changing business requirements!

It’s important to deliver your message to your customers speedily, precisely and efficiently. And for that, you just cannot afford to spend valuable time on redundant creative processes, by making changes in ad shapes and sizes to go well with particular dimensions.

Digital display ads are supposed to be online fast for better customer engagement and reach, eventually driving conversions to sales. SmartDesign provides you that power to be more competent, cost-effective and high performance, by creating multiple ads that resonate, are minus any errors, drive engagement and increase click-through rates.

Write to us at if you want to learn more about MediaFerry, or digital ad production automation using SmartDesign.