Cineplex usher in the outsourcing of video post production to Express KCS

Canada’s largest and most innovative film exhibitor partner with Indian content house for fast turnaround and complex video work



Cineplex Inc., last year joined Express KCS’ fast-growing list of brands with in-house agencies who need to scale quickly, reduce costs and minimize use of expensive and hard to manage and maintain freelancers. The work, which is driven by the creative team under Charles Noseworthy, enables Cineplex to focus on the creative aspects of their remit while outsourcing the actual content production. The result of this recent urgent and challenging project is that Express KCS will now provide the post production of Cineplex’s regular trivia quiz videos.


The rotoscoping project that came in on a Thursday night required the removal of various unwanted elements within a shot for a promo piece. The turnaround time of 2 days was tight, especially as it needed a clear understanding of the brief and the availability round the clock of the right skills at EKCS’ post production studio.

Specifically, the video featured a cinema usher in the foreground welcoming people to their seats, guiding them with a flashlight, but in the background at one point a crew member can be seen in entering the frame

  1. Complexity: The client divided background of the video into three segments, the middle one of which needed to be changed (with the unwanted crew member) and replaced with another shot with no movement. However, an anamorphic flare from the usher’s flashlight merged into that middle segment and was to be retained. Therefore the task required delicate masking and insertion of another video.

  2. Turnaround: This job came in on a Thursday and was due to be trafficked to the post house the following Monday.

Express KCS Solution

With little time to carry out this difficult job, Express KCS harnessed operational practices inherited from years of working in fast turnaround, high quality content production:

  1. Local account management: Our onshore account manager was the first port of call, ensuring that the job requirements were reviewed thoroughly and quickly and any ambiguities in the brief were addressed in real time. This way, the scope was clear before the job went into production.

  2. Expertise: The Express KCS video post production team quickly drafted the right resources who could collaborate across shifts through the weekend.

  3. Flexibility: The job could not be completed during regular production hours. The production team went the extra mile, planning for weekend coverage in order to share the first draft with the client over the weekend.

  4. Communication: Over that time, workflow technology ensured that the tight communication between the production team and the client helped to keep them updated in terms of the progress and expected time of delivery. Once the first draft was delivered, the client was contacted to review and send the feedback, and the changes were incorporated Sunday night, providing them with final delivery on Monday morning.

Client Perspective:

This is the kind of work we’d traditionally have struggled to deliver with our own in-house resources, so we’d normally call upon the services of freelancers” said head of creative services Charles Noseworthy. “However our existing relationship with Express KCS means that they know our workflow, our briefing formats and we can quickly get them up to speed. The fact they offer such a wide range of high-quality content production services means we can just turn to them more and more for both day to day work as well as this kind of exceptional project.


  1. Timely delivery: Express KCS team successfully delivered the job in time supporting the client to traffic the video on the post house as per the due date.

  2. Quality: The stupendous editing of the video, which required an eagle’s eye to understand was successfully done well in time with just one round of reviewing.

  3. Cost: Considering the timeline over the weekend, the job was done at real modest rates as compared to the Canadian pricing.

Express KCS Services Overview

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