Archant gained creative production efficiencies with MediaFerry



Archant gained creative production efficiencies with Express KCS

Archant, a privately owned media company with over 140 brands and associated websites in the UK, partnered with Express KCS for print ad design, magazine layout and editorial design to improve efficiencies.

The Challenge

Over the last few years, Archant was looking for ways to engage with it’s clients better in terms of ad production, copy chasing, artwork approvals etc. At the same time, the publishing giant was looking to improve creative production processes where they wanted to reduce the admin time of their creative and sales teams so they can focus more on productive tasks.

In both the cases, it had an impact on Archant’s operating profit. Therefore, it was very important for them to optimize their entire creative production workflow — bring clients and creative teams closer, work collaboratively and communicate efficiently.

Express KCS’s Solution 

Archant partnered with Express KCS to outsource some of their creative production work which mainly includes print ad design, magazine layout and editorials.

  • As part of the solution, Archant also started using MediaFerry, an award-winning, cloud-based workflow management solution, developed and maintained by Express KCS. Using this system, Archant was able to send jobs and assets to Express KCS’s offshore teams quickly and without fuss.

  • The system also lets Archant order, track, proof, approve and effectively manage their projects and creative assets. Using MediaFerry, they were able to automate their copy chasing workflow by sending automated email alerts to advertisers for providing ad copy before due date/time.

MediaFerry helped Archant to optimize their creative production workflow, collaborate with their advertisers better, streamline the approval process and receive ad copy on time.

I think the word that comes to my mind is partnership. I believe that Express KCS and ourselves, have been really working closely. Express KCS understands what we need.
— Kevin Shelcott, Archant

Benefits to Archant

Archant wanted to address their efficiency issues i.e. their teams should spend more time doing productive tasks than doing admin work. By partnering with Express KCS and MediaFerry, they were able to get the following benefits: 

  • Collaborative workflow: Advertisers and creative teams can work in single platform.

  • Online proofing and approval: Online proofing of artworks by sending proof links to advertisers so they can mark changes in real time.

  • Automated copy chasing: Reminders about copy submission deadlines to ensure a timely delivery of ad copy.

  • Reduction in admin time of sales and creative staff: Designers and sales reps are now getting more time to design and selling respectively as admin tasks are handled using automations

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