Vocento optimized digital ad operations using MediaFerry



Vocento optimized their digital ad operations using MediaFerry

Vocento, also known as Grupo Vocento based in Spain is the leading multimedia communications group in the general press market.

The brand caters to over 20 brands between newspaper, magazines and online with a 24.2% share of total circulation, credit goes to its 13 leading dailies.

The Challenge

With the objective of expanding digital operations into the local market, particularly targeting SMBs, Vocento called for the agility for its clients to launch digital ad campaigns quickly, with complete accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. Along with the speed, the solution had to be cost-effective for local businesses.

Express KCS’s Solution 

Vocento started using MediaFerry, an award-winning, cloud-based workflow management solution, developed and maintained by Express KCS. The system enabled users to order, create, track, proof, approve and publish marketing campaigns directly to digital ad servers used by Vocento.

Furthermore, MediaFerry’s SmartDesign functionality allowed Vocento’s sales and design team to create multi-shape digital banners using pre-approved branded templates. According to Vocento, Mediaferry is undoubtedly the prefect-fit to address all their creative operations challenges and is a key component of their new digital sales initiative, Local Digital Kit!

Though there are several tools in the market to create ad campaigns semi-automatically, however, MediaFerry is the first company that integrated the full process of creating, publishing, managing and renewals and any kind of tasks needed in the full ad production process.
— Raúl Prieto García, Vocento

Benefits to Vocento

With the technology support, today Vocento has been able to overcome its scalability and cost-efficiency challenges as they expand to new markets! The alliances with Express KCS has made Vocento benefit in the following ways:

Saves time using template-based ad production - With the optimized automated ad builder tool SmartDesign, creating digital banners was very easy. Additionally, making changes in the ad text, CTA, images or the logo on multiple digital ads at the same time in all sizes is just a click away via Mediaferry SmartDesign. Eventually, supporting in churning out several campaigns fast, saving time and resources in return.

Simplified and automated ad trafficking - The cloud-hosted MediaFerry makes it easy for sales reps, in-house and external designers, customer service reps, and advertisers who have no experience of working with Ad Servers to design multi-size digital banners on the go, publish to ad servers and track the whole campaign performance.

Real-time campaign performance reporting - The in-built mid-campaign and end-of-campaign performance reports provided by MediaFerry helped decision-makers understand an ad campaign's overall impact on the business, by gathering tactical insights for specific campaigns and easily tracking its progress, which can moreover be extensively shared with the stakeholders manually or programmatically at regular intervals.

Enhancement in overall business efficiency - With the use of Mediaferry, Vocento now can easily onboard new companies and launch new brand websites faster than before. Also, the automated solution lets the sales professionals and in-house designers spend less time keeping track of a campaign's performance and more time in maximizing the company's revenue.

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